As contemporary designers, we are constantly inspired by the world around us. For this reason, it is important to us to keep this world as pristine as we can, so that all the things that inspire our creative processes now, can still be there for the next generation. 

Taking this responsibility seriously, Space 1a endeavours to run a sustainable business – minimising our impact on the environment and working with partners and suppliers who share our values.  As such, we are committed to the following practices:

  • Manufacturing locally in the United Kingdom wherever possible and local European manufacturers only if manufacturing outlets in the UK fitting our ethos do not exist, thus cutting the carbon footprint of our organisation and, in turn, our products. We proudly work with 25 UK-based suppliers and 1 Swedish supplier to produce our collection of 160+ products.
  • Regular review of our supply chains to optimise the distance our products travel. Identifying opportunities where we can ship products by road or train wherever possible.
  • Using low waste, environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled glass, FSC-certified wood, paper and wood composites, organic and unbleached fabrics, where available.
  •  Fabric and paper printing with low toxin and water-based inks to help reduce contamination of the natural environment around us. Printing textiles locally in Britain leveraging heritage commercial relationships in the North of England.
  • Laminating fabric for our popular cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, lunch bags and market totes with only eco-conscious and certified phthalate-free processes per EU standards.
  • Screen printing our A4 prints onto FSC-certified high quality artisanal museum quality paper locally in East London and only using fade-resistant water-based inks.
  • Printing our vibrant wallpaper onto FSC-certified paper on a made-to-order basis using low-toxin inks while still offering quality.
  • All of our products are either made to order or produced in small batches by hand. We do not mass produce and are committed to meaningful high quality production.
  • Only using British made parts, fine bone china, screen-printing in our ceramic products showing our commitment to the local Stoke on Trent factories and ensuring poor quality foreign-made mass-produced whiteware is never used in our ceramic products
  • Designing our product patterns to minimise fabric waste during cutting process.  Ensuring that almost all of the fabric we produce is used responsibly.
  • Re-using fabric remnants within our manufacturing to make other products such as lavender sachets.  Turning any necessary wastage into a positive.
  • Working with suppliers who source materials without disrupting natural or protected habitats.  Voting with our feet as to how our suppliers should work.
  • Minimising packaging wherever possible to reduce wastage associated with our products.
  • Recycling packing materials and cardboard boxes where they are in good working order to reduce wastage in our organisation.
  • Separating and recycling waste from our studio and warehouse so that the bare minimum of waste is created.
  • Committing to fair practices in paying our suppliers and staff fair living wages.
  • Visiting our suppliers regularly to ensure working conditions and practices fit within our ethos, and ensuring that our good suppliers never change their ways.
  • Making lampshades by hand with no machines – rolled edge the old-fashioned way.
  • Travelling where possible on foot, bicycle or public transportation and operating a fuel efficient vehicle when use of an automobile is required.